ATABAQUE MUSIC is responsible for the publishing of original tracks in the M-PHONIX catalogue by CHRIS WELLS and VALDO SILVA. For more information, including contact details of our international sub-publishers, please visit the ATABAQUE MUSIC website. Alternatively, please contact us directly with all enquiries.


SOUND DESIGNS is a brand new MCPS production music library for film, television and advertising applications, specializing in World, Jazz and Classical music with a particular focus on documentaries. Our material is sourced from the UK, USA and Latin America, featuring soundsand textures not found in other catalogues, and is updated regularly to ensure that we can always offer something new and originalto producers, directors and music supervisors.

Recent placements have included and ad campaign for Grendene (Brazil), FedEX, Telemundo's novela 'La Reina del Sur' and Channel 4's "The Big Bang Theory."

SOUND DESIGNS is now available on the BBC Desktop Jukebox and SKY library.

Please visit the SOUND DESIGNS website for further info, and full previews of the complete catalogue